Desktops and Laptops

We realize the importance of your desktops and laptops – especially when it comes to business use.  After all – time is money, and wasted time on a slow computer IS costing you.

We can help with that.  Computers can be slow for many reasons – and all of them are able to be resolved.  Doing more than just rip and replace, we can analyze your systems to see if they do in fact need replace due to age, or if there are other issues at stake.

Computer viruses may be the issue, or a building of old programs, old slow hard drives – there are many items that may be the culprit.

We can find out what it is and fix it.  Quickly and efficiently.


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Servers are the heartbeat of your business.  Data flows in and out of them allowing you to conduct your business.

Until they stop working (or stop working correctly)!

Unlike your friends son who ‘fixes computers’, we understand business networks.  We understand the importance of your server – and we have resolved issues on MANY in the years we’ve been in business.  We don’t take chances if we don’t have to.  We will work to get your server up and running as fast as possible and then go one step further…

We will identify what caused the issue and help to ensure that it won’t happen again in the future!  While on site we also identify other issues that you may not even know are lurking around the corner.  That tape backup that the office staff swaps out daily?  When was that last tested?  Does anyone look at the log files on your server?  No?  Well, we do.  Because that’s our job and what we do best – identify problems – ideally before they cost you money in downtime and poor performance.

Wondering if your server is set up and performing as well as it can?

Schedule a Network Audit with us and we can answer that question.